Why Sub-Saharan Africa has got chriatian majority today and North Africa still has got muslim majority

May 2018
On earth.
I lived in Ghana too and never saw any Arab descent customs.
I suppose you can tell me any proven records of Arab contact with the Akan peoples. Though I'm sure you can "prove" the stories of Akans originatonig from Ancient Egyp?
I believe bodwich mentions the presence of 'Moors'. These are likely not Arabs, but Hausa, but what this does show is indirect contact through islamic Hausa mediaries. Not that this matters anyway - anyone who has read about the Swahili coast will know about Arab contact there, aswell as some strange genetic traces among the Lemba peoples, aswell as the many 'Afro-Arab' and 'Black-Arab' groups living in and around Chad and Sudan, who define themselves as Arab as many other groups do.
Look, your opinions are not facts.
The northern Ghanaian regions have always been Islamic. Just as in most regions bordering the Sahel.
The fact is if your opinions are facts, then you'd prove the Akan "origin" story, which is pretty loose as it stands.
Islamic conversions stopped at the Sahel. Muslims, whether Arab or not, had little contact with what are now the Gulf of Guinea coast, Congo, or the southern tip of Africa.
Hausa presence in the Asante capitol of Kumase is undeniable historic fact, and Hausa scribes were even present in the court of Bamum according to a cameroonian friend of mine, though I have not personally researched this. I believe 'Charms' with Quranic verses / Arabic written on them, and other things were commonly worn by the Asante soldiers.
This alongside the aforementioned Arab/Islamic presence in Southern Africa (how do you think certain slurs came into existence there? Those terms have been used for centuries, even being mentioned in portuguese sources). I also don't know how you can argue islamic conversion stopped at the Sahel when the Swahili / Somali coast exists...
Never heard about an Akan origin story from Egypt anyway. During what we would today call nation building after independance it was sometimes claimed that the Akans are originally from the Ghana/Mali empire. I don't think anybody believed that concoction even then though. From what we know of the early Akans, they considered themselves "people coming out of the forests", i.e. the rainforest girdle historically covering pretty much the entire area they live in today.

Not even the languages are closely related to those of modern day Mali, though that can be misleading.
His comment was meant as an insult to paint Sundiata1 as a 'crazed afrocentric'
Feb 2017
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Because a muslim cannot be proselytized to become christian, for the same reasons a christian cannot be proselytized to become Jew
By that same logic, Buddhists would not have reverted back to Hinduism in the parts of India ruled by Buddhists retaken by Hindus.

Also, it was suggested by colonialists like Edmond Fazy that Islam should be propagated in Africa to better control "pagan" Africans. I believe a similar suggestion was made by Ernest Renan as well but I'm not sure. Islam was maintained not just because of the Ottoman Empire but because it was also a familiar religion to Europeans that was useful for colonial subjugation.
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Sep 2012
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A lot of non--muslim tribes were raided and slaves taken. There is still traffic in the Sahel region. Slave trains cross Nigeria, and Chad to reach the Slave Markets in Khartoom. If the Arabs converted all the locals to Islam, who would be left to enslave?



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May 2014
Both Sub-saharan Africa and North Africa were under West European rule(United Kingdom,France,Germany,Belgium etc).Today Sub-saharan Africa has got 63% christian majority: Projected Religious Population Changes in Sub-Saharan Africa for tgis reason.But why North Africa hasn't got also christian majority for the same reason?
In short: Because people who practiced traditional African religions before the Europeans arrived were more susceptible to Christianity than people who practiced Islam before the Europeans arrived were. As for why this is, well, it might be due to Islam being a world religion just like Christianity is (and being a part of a bigger religion could create a perception of having more power) but also perhaps due to apostasy being punished with the death penalty in many Muslim countries and among many Muslim cultures. When leaving your religion is punishable with the death penalty, well, there simply isn't that much incentive to leave your religion. Even nowadays ex-Muslims often have it really rough outside of the West for the same reason. As far as I know, the only large areas that stopped practicing Islam over time after they embraced it were Spain, Portugal, and Adjara in Georgia.
Sep 2012
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The French did send settlers to Algeria and the Italians sent settlers to Tunisia and Libya. When the Algerian War ended over a million Pied Noirs (Dirty Feet) left Algeria for France. The Italians were kicked out of Tunisia. The actress Claudia Cardinale is of mixed French, Sicilian and Tunisian ancestry.



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Nov 2010
Because a muslim cannot be proselytized to become christian, for the same reasons a christian cannot be proselytized to become Jew
Both statements are false. There are plenty of cases of conversions both in medieval and modern times.
Indeed there are. Most notably three quarters of the 'Spanish' population gradually over time (9th to 16th centuries)
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Jun 2015
Thank you for your very informative post, Ighayere, I appreciate the effort! Interesting and enlightening stuff...

What opinions? You made patently untrue claims that were easily disproven.

Yes... There was a longstanding Islamic presence south of the Sahel. I'm glad we agree on that now.

What are you on about? I never said anything about "proving the Akan "origin" story". Why would I entertain such a textbook straw man here?
If you're truly an Akan and not lying, then you would have heard of the Akan/Egypt origin story. Many do - including relatives of mine who are true Akans. For one who professes their knowledge and "scope", it's pretty selective.