why was india not known for silk production?

Mar 2019
im not sure about chinese silk clothings and their production, but i found a curious reference to silk from the romans

I can see clothes of silk, if materials that do not hide the body, nor even one's decency, can be called clothes. ... Wretched flocks of maids labour so that the adulteress may be visible through her thin dress, so that her husband has no more acquaintance than any outsider or foreigner with his wife's body.

— Seneca the Younger, Declamations Vol. I.[19]
such clothing was frequently depicted on shunga era arts from the pre christian era, thin clothings were shown which couldn't hide the body, such an art is also perhaps depicted in one indus mother goddess statue as well

muslin like clothing was developed from cotton as well.



National Museum, New Delhi

but such clothings are also seen in ancient egypt and the fabric is most probably lenin