Why was the quality of German tank armour so bad in WW2?


Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
Love the Chieftain ,
On Tigers at Anzio , they were from the 508th heavy battalion with a nominal 45 vehicles
12 tigers were lost , most left in the workshops after damage by mines , naval fire and the 601st
the number of straight kills is not explicit
by the time they retreated toward Rome the 508 th battalion was down to 11 tanks
having lost 22 to lack of fuel or mechanical breakdown , none by enemy action
the abandoned tanks were destroyed by their crew ,
major Hudel commanding the battalion was sacked for incompetence

While the 601st could claim few tigers they did good work against the Elephant ,marden, assault guns and a variety of other armor
most of the time they would act as artillery support ,
blasting machine-gun nests and destroying bunkers for the grateful infantry