Why was the US so determined on retaliating against the Soviets if China got nuked by Brezhnev?


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Jul 2013
In October 1969, China was prepared for a nuclear attack. Mao ordered his military to disperse and moved to his nuclear bunker. It appears the Soviets were ready for a nuclear strike against China.

Then the US intervenes saying that if the Soviets were to do so, he US would retaliate by destroying 130 Soviet cities. The Soviets backed down.

Why was the US so quick to defend China, a communist opponent it was fighting right at the moment in Vietnam?


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Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
Because that would be a clear power move by the USSR and the US could have none of that. Don't forget that Nixon visited China in 1972, a clear sign that the US would support China after the Sino-Soviet split.


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Nov 2010
The whole theory is that it wouldn't happen. Almost failed once! But the world has had much more conflict since the end of the Cold War