Why Wasn't India United Before?

May 2013
The abode of the lord of the north
No it isn't it the world economy just becoming more and more interlinked and communications making cultural interchange much faster and easier----- this could be a good thing or a bad thing perhaps both.
It isn't anybody's doing. I'm just saying ultimately it is the capitalists who will benefit the most from Globalization. It is just my view though.

Oh and I am sure you are correct the main purpose of Indian rich elites is wealth redistrubution.

India a symbol of wealth equality today?
That's not what I said.
I said we can't point out one single way of how the wealth would've been used. But yes, kings have utilized their private share of wealth for civilians in the past. For one instance, I remember reading how Travancore royalty have distributed relief from their personal share, following the great flood of 1924. Now whether this was a universal phenomena, if the kings all over India have done that or not, is a different question. I don't know that. I'm saying these kind of distributions aren't unheard of, and it is one of the many ways the wealth could've been useful to the country.