Why were eunuchs influential?


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Nov 2010
The Great Indoors
Across many civilizations, castrated men have found themselves positioned high up in courts, palaces, and bureaucracies. What made people in power chose eunuchs to run the government?


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May 2010
Orion arm of the milky way
They were considered to be neutral, clear thinking, and not have sexual/romantic feelings conflict with their duty.


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Feb 2011
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when were the eunuchs influential? :eek: nevah!

only to take care of the harem.... is that being influential???? hardly really... omg
You should check out such folks as Wei Zhongxian and Li Lianying. Those individuals held broad powers and came to influence the court. I also recall a group of eunuchs taking the emperor hostage during the late Tang dynasty and forced some loyal generals to commit suicide.