Why weren't the 9/11 hijackers native Afghans?

Jul 2012
Where did you get the idea that Al Qaeda is an Afghan organisation? Al Qaeda, to the extent that you can speak of it as an actual organisation, sought refuge in Afghanistan after being kicked out of Sudan by the Sudanese government in the mid-nineties. It has always been predominently Arab.
Al-Qaeda actually was born in Afghanistan in 1989 right after the Soviet withdrawal. It was composed of Arab/foreign mujahideen who fought against the Soviets. Goal of its founder, the leader of the Arab/foreign mujahideen - Shaykh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, was to repel zionists from Palestine which was the only remaining (after freeing Afghanistan) legitimate jihad according to him. This objective was disputed by his assistant (& accountant & US liaison) OBL, who wanted to fight the west. Shaykh Azzam was assassinated within a few days of its founding in 1989 and OBL took over. His assassination was widely credited to either CIA or Mossad.


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Oct 2012
Have a look at the comments on Iranian "Press" tv. Anyone who is not strongly Arabic is a Zionist! The fact that there is a big difference between a Zionist and an Israeli does not bother their contributors.
Currently , slagging off the Wahabi and and MBS is a past time.
I'm a bit confused. Why would an Iranian news organization be calling anyone who wasn't "strongly Arabic" (what does that mean?) a Zionist? Only around 2% of Iranians are Arabs. Persians (61%), Azerbaijanis (16%), and Kurds (10%) are the largest ethnic groups in the country.


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Aug 2013
Again people do not distinguish between disliking or fearing an ideology/belief system and disliking or fearing a people.
Islam is a religious and political idea. It is not a person.
What is wrong with saying you don't like, or even fear, far right or far left ideas, or religions that have rules that you believe are incompatable with the modern world/modern laws


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Jan 2011
Yeah--makes me wonder about academia today.
Academia has gone mad... "islamophobia" is not an academic topic, its a political invention to stunt criticism of Islam as an ideology

On a similar topic in France

Viré de son labo pour s'être opposé aux théories décoloniales ?

a researcher fired from his univerity because he would not agree with "decolonial theories" (such "theories" are barely disguised racism),,, Quote from another professor

"I have watched ex marxists transform into defenders of "non mixed" meetings (read meetings prohibited to whites), claim that anti semitism in the "banlieues" (note: where many muslim immigrants reside) was an invention and become obsessed with islamophobia"


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Jan 2011
Well yes there is .......... because the West killed thousands of them and now they want to kill you.

Usually happens that way, no?

There is no point talking in dramatics, there is nothing to fear from Muslims, there is something to fear from terrorists.

That's like saying we had something to fear from Irish people in the 70's 80's, IRA yes, Irish people in general no.

The West's approach to this subject just makes me sick to be honest, even using the term "The muslims" you mean Arabs, Afghans, Indonesians, North Africans, Central Asia, Pakistan and millions of others, all with different agendas, cultures and politics?

The West always has to have a boogie man, if its not black people its "muslims" if its not them its Russians, whatever, take some responsibility, America had black slaves so now a lot of them live in poverty and cause social issues, America went abroad and tried to wreck the whole of the middle east and now the mass murders are causing blow back etc etc.

Sometimes if you spend all your time demonizing everyone else, maybe its you who's the problem?
Typical one side view.... You know, you can be for example an Arab or Iranian and despise Islam in the exact same way others despise nazism or communism as totalitarian systems.... .as well as despise it for what it -as a sytem- has done to your country....
Aug 2016
Thank you, I'll keep that in mind for when I never use that ridiculous term again.
I don't hold much more respect for the term than you do. I had to take an “ethnic and racial studies” course to meet the General Education requirements of my university. That's why I posted the question.

It seems like some people are assuming I hold a certain political stance because of my question, and that is not the case..
Muslim terrorists are known to hide among larger population, often with quiet support from that population. So, stereotyping whole thing and being careful of Muslims in general is reasonable if you don't have a way to distinguish terrorists with ease. I don't see any relevance adding Irish and black slaves to the discussion, I don't understand why you mention them at all.
Why are they not relevant, because their white and European?

You just described the Irish in he 70's and 80's to a tee that's why I mentioned them, there is no difference except the culture and colour of their skin.

So did you feel that way about Irish people as well?
Mar 2014
I am not expert on Irish history, but as far as I know they mostly were doing their deeds in Ireland, maybe sometimes in England. So, for majority of the World Irish terrorists posed no danger as long as you didn't mess with Ireland. Muslim terrorists seem to think, that "West" in broad sense is eternal enemy for them, because it has "coruptive" nature. They are very willing to blow up or stick with knives people everywhere around The World, if you are not member of their particular sect. So, there is real reason to fear Muslim terrorists for people that never needed to worry about Irish terrorists. There seem to be a lot of pretty white Muslims willing to kill or die for their ideology, it has nothing to do with skin color.