Will it really be bad for the world if the US collapsed?

There's also another factor to consider--Israel probably still has a lot of Russian citizens due to the large-scale emigration of ex-USSR Jews to Israel starting from 1989. Russia certainly wouldn't want to kill huge numbers of its own citizens!
There is NO scenario where Russia or China would nuke Israel (first strike). That is just silly, stop it.
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Jan 2014
Just how much did the Soviet Union actually benefit from its pro-Arab stance during the Cold War, though?
It made a lot of money selling arms and got bases in the Med, in Egypt. Basically in the contest for global influence it made far better sense to side with the vastly bigger and more numerous party. Even in the wake of the ‘67 War, Kosygin told Johnson “I can’t understand you Americans backing Israel.There are 50 million Arabs and only 2 million Jews.” Add to that the vastly greater importance of the Arabs economically.
Jan 2014
Russia has very good relations with Israel now
Yes now. Like I said, the principal focus is on helping friendly Arab regimes against internal enemies. But Russia surely knows that to maintain its influence there long term it’ll have to help the Arabs against Israel. Of course to an extent it’s doing thst already by arming Arab states.
Jan 2014
No it could not. Period.
I think it could. Without the US, Russia could nuke Israel—in the unlikely event it couldn’t deter it from attacking clients. In his old book on the ‘67 War, Burdet noted that the USSR did not have this option; it was helpless to prevent a complete Israeli victory. A launched ICBM would be perceived as a potential attack on the US even if it was aimed at Israel. This would be a wholly different situation.
Sep 2014
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everyone seems to forget that the "superpower" meme is a typical American construct
superman , superfries , super-whatever
neither China , India or Russia care much for it
their concern is for their regional sphere and wish not for anyone pushing them around
once they get the respect they consider due to them , it's all peachy from then on
The US took the mantle of the world great protector
none of the other above mentioned countries really care for this silly job
one could even say that a temporary eclipse of the USA would do wonder for a lot of present day conflicts
the US didn't exist for most of recorded history and yet blood shed and violence was everywhere. I want the US to cut ties and take care of ourselves, but that ain't gonna happen. So our collapse is inevitable. Since we are the welfare state for all of Central America. I can only imagine what will happen if these countries have to take care of their own instead of shipping them here. Makes me long for that meteor strike.
Dec 2012
But if Israel has no superpower backup and a major conventional attack threatens to destroy a vast Russian investment in its clients, then the attack could incur a nuclear response.
1. You keep insisting (wrongly) that Russia is a superpower.
2. You're assuming that Israel won't have a super power backing them up in this scenario. That might not be the case.
3. You're also ignoring the fact that Israel doesn't need a superpower in its corner to offer nuclear deterrence, THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS OF THEIR OWN.
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