Will other planets be colonized by short humans?

Jun 2012
I don't know any Tibetans, but we now have Nepali guest workers in our place. Kind of somewhat similar to Tibetans, I reckon, but with a bit more Indic lineage, perhaps.

There are some tall ones among them. I guess the smallness of the majority of them has more to do with many generations of inadequate nutrition than anything else.

They are stout though. I observe them constantly lifting & pushing heavier weights than the locals of comparatively similar size in the gym.


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Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
Hi ho! HI ho, hi ho, it's off to colonise we go...

We do we need to take people at all? Just take genetic samples stored in stasis and a cloning/incubation tank. Fiid and air problem solved.
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
But what do you know what you are going to end up with?
And who is going to nurse them?
Good idea, but a bit more thought required, like get some going 20 years ahead of the rest?
Jun 2017
Possible in a few centuries. Within the context of the Solar System I see our Moon and Saturn's moon Titan as better candidates and maybe other satellites. I don't think it makes sense to try settling any of the actual planets in our solar system and a lot of them don't have solid surfaces.

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