Will this knife really work with an AK47 ?

Sep 2008
Has anyone ever seen this knife before and can it really be used on a bayonet? It is said that it can fit together with a AK47 rifle. Maybe it is a copy of some old military knife that was used back in one of the wars? The website that it is on is www.lducompany.com I am wondering if it can fit on any other types of guns or rifles. Does it look like something that would be used by Chinese, Koreans, or Russians. Here is a link to the knives page http://www.liangdianup.com/knives_1.htm and it is the knife with the number 406023 right at the top of the page.
Any help would be appreciated before I order it all the way from China :)


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Jul 2006
Can you post a picture of it on this forum?
I ain't clickin' no links, fool!


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Jan 2007
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Jun 2006
On the assumption that this is a genuine enquiry, I've handled AK bayonets in my time, and judging by the picture provided, the answer is, no. The fittings are incorrect for a compatible bayonet.

I've moved the thread to a more appropriate forum, and if hafool turns out to be a spammer, I'm sure Nick will enjoy deleting the thread.;)
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Jun 2008
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Yes, this one is a type of bayonet for the AK-47.
I have used it before.
Jun 2008
Nope, i've used AK's that'll not work at all, one might as well as stick that to a pistol.
Jun 2008
Nope, I've used AK's that won't work, one might as well as stick that to a pistol. ^_^

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Oct 2008
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Why do bayonets look so wimpy these days? What ever happened to real bayonets?

I think the idea is that bayonets are rarely used in combat these days so are intended for use as a regular knife as well as something to skewer your opponent with