Winston Churchill- what do you reckon?


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Nov 2010
Stockport Cheshire UK
Let's say, for example, he went with his impulse to have Gandhi trampled to death by elephants, what do you think would have come from that? And is that a reasonable thing to desire in response to non-violent resistance? Surely a more balanced individual would reflect upon their own behaviour?
If you think that Churchill was serious about having Gandhi trampled by elephants, you don't really understand Churchill or the limits of power of a British PM.
Mar 2015
De Gaulle considered the French were not getting sufficient prominence and on the eve of D-day, he held up the sailing of 170 French liaison officers assigned to the Allied invasion force next day.

At that point, an exasperated Churchill called him a blackmailer and brigand and ordered de Gaulle shipped back to Algiers - ''in chains if necessary.''

It did not happen but then neither did elephants trample on Gandhi.

All very Churchill really.


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Sep 2013
Churchill didn't save Europe from Hitler. It was Stalin who defeated Hitler on the Eastern front, or at least made the biggest sacrifices. However, even if Churchill didn't save us from Hitler, it could be argued that he saved us from Stalin. Because without a democratic base in Europe, Stalin's Red Army would have overrun the whole continent at the end of the war. And would he have left voluntarily? I doubt it.
Joint operation. We couldn’t have won the war with the USSR but equally Hitler would have been able to devote all of his resources in the East were it not for Britain.