Words that don't exist in English

Oct 2015
Now that you mention it, it's interesting that English doesn't have words for these.

pojutrišnjem - the day after tomorrow
predvčerajšnim - the day before yesterday

poslezavtra - the day after tomorrow
pozavchera - the day before yesterday

übermorgen - the day after tomorrow
vorgestern - the day before yesterday

We don't have a word for it, but think I know what you mean. Is that the crust that forms on top of dry snow after a day or two because the sun was melting the top just a bit? Kids can walk on it (I have as well when I was little, it's a great feeling) but if you break the crust then there's the dry dust-like snow underneath. You can't make snowballs out of it. Are we thinking about the same thing?
Yes, we are thinking of the same type of snow.


Forgårs = the day before yesterday
Overimorgen = the day after tomorrow

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