Words that don't have translations in English


Ad Honoris
Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
Strangely enough there is also no translation of the Dutch word “gezelligheid” or its derivations. Closest I can come up with is enjoyment of a social occasion with chitchat , but even that doesn’t cover it entirely.

Vice versa I don’t know any translation of the American word ”joiner” used to describe a person that can easily join in on any group.
Gezellig is really cosy in English but there are a couple of other words that come close.
Nov 2016
Yes, but it's not quite same; c.f. home and Heimat
A one hundred percent correspondence is certainly impossible, but the several German translation variants of ´cosy´ (gemütlich / kuschelig / behaglich / angenehm / bequem / heimelig / gastlich / wohlig / lauschig / intim / traulich etc.) strongly suggest that ´cosy´ and ´gemütlich´ are 95 percent identical, which in practice means almost completely, especially since the term ´gemütlich´ has a slightly different connotation even for each German individual. For example, a mountain farmer will have different associations than a university professor or a punk or hooligan. The differences within the group of native speakers are no less important than the differences between different languages.

As far as ´Heimat´ is concerned, you're certainly right. There doesn't seem to be an adequate English word for that.

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