Words that were/are considered offensive but which were reclaimed by people into something more positive

Oct 2018
New Jersey
Which words are there that were or are considered offensive but which were reclaimed by the people against whom these words were used against and turned into something more positive?

So far, I could think of the N-word (which Blacks nowadays use as a term of endearment but hate it when non-Blacks use this term), queer (which LGBT people began using in a more positive light a decade or two ago), and yid (which Jews recently began using in a more positive light). However, what other such words are there?
I do not want a political discussion based on my comment, but many Trump supporters have referred to themselves as deplorables based on something Hillary Clinton said. Do bogans like the word bogan?


Ad Honorem
Oct 2012

Mudsill theory is a sociological term indicating the proposition that there must be, and always has been, a lower class for the upper classes to rest upon. The term derives from a mudsill, the lowest threshold that supports the foundation for a building.

The theory was first used by South Carolina Senator/Governor James Henry Hammond, a wealthy southern plantation owner, in a Senate speech on March 4, 1858,[1] to justify what he saw as the willingness of the lower classes and the duty of non-whites to perform menial work which enabled the higher classes to move civilization forward. Efforts to reduce class or racial inequality, under this theory, inevitably run counter to civilization itself.

Many saw the argument as a weak justification for exploitation, and a flimsy example of creating your own science to reference as proof.[2] An obvious flaw lies in that there are no indications as to which class or race rightfully belongs to the mudsill other than the pre-supposed regional groups that were already in place at the "bottom", thus causing a circular argument....

..Northern soldiers fighting in the Western Theater of the Civil War turned this derogatory term into one of self pride, as in "Western Mudsill".
Mudsill theory - Wikipedia

The term Mudsill also showed up mockingly in pro-Union songs from the Civil War.

"This South Carolina chivalry, they once did loudly boast;
That the footsteps of a Union man, should ne’er polute their coast.
They’d fight the Yankees two to one, who only fought for booty;—
But when the “udsills” came along it was “Legs do your duty.”

The Union, the Union we're called on to save,
Fall in the ranks to join our brothers brave;
Chivalry, Chivalry, Old Abe's not a funning,
For six hundred thousand Mudsills are coming.

Image 2 of The Mudsills are coming
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