Words that were/are considered offensive but which were reclaimed by people into something more positive


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Aug 2015
Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Whig comes from Whiggamore, which meant a Scottish horse-driver (a reference to the Presbyterian Scots, who opposed the Catholic James II.
And I always assumed that Whig came from the fact that the main leaders of the Whigs were all "big whigs"!
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Mar 2012
Yötebory Sveriya
“Swede” is actually a racial slur for the people known as the Svenskar. It comes from the Proto Germanic root word for “Sweaty”

Eventually, the Svenskar not only reclaimed the name Swede, but told people outside of their homeland of Sverige that they come from a Kingdom called Sweden!
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David Vagamundo

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Jan 2010
Atlanta, Georgia USA
It might have been; I'm not sure.

Southerners might have continued to view and use the term Yankee in a negative light up to the 20th or even 21st centuries.
Our Georgia neighbor called me a Yankee in anger a few years ago, so yes. I’m from Michigan originally
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