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Gile na Gile

Ad Honorem
May 2008
Partyache Thwistle

Indie greet bellustrious pageants of Daoise hare's a chime-sacked hawkward passage to Knowth which prelimbricates a timeless oul howl fastened-fixed sternum-wise to an all-encompassing bejibberin grate Aye whose knutty folliculars bend blackwards bebound blow-words bedounded to wound starrackeyclasshes flush fisth fast forewardin raytrack backlackin(a)fora flack sackin Tame o Tammy Weigh Noot Inna Thyime ~ A Man Showaring pentaquareks shack of Goeth's milch pin peoyong pun ool tame lately ben bulbous bisthmous barders beebrane shtawks isthmous beflowering canton~tickleous Severne ventual hourissons sheafting reeftin antlerheels pianther shpace ubh owl Further Thames O' Tricky Growler his Tooth Eve our Úl.

- Ruadhri 'Rhyme' O' Whyrthmic Thrymimes (Fierteenth Be Annie Stir Pearl of Glaymorgan, Oft-Times Ray Moved Dough Shelldom Be-Shifted).

Grantham's Grove O' Giddy Gapples

It was a place
of purple prose purr poise
foul look she took bemated
so the glance by chance was taken
by troth a truth a glueth

- Stan Drew (A Murvellomus Modenus Monkeyverse O' Mellodious Minkytwink Mimes O' Moppety Moolange Runes)

So this the sense
She's willing to impart -
tartarticles a hummin cross o crucifer,
a dogged mistral
of open wounds
leering the grin-setting
ought shotockery,
tearing the whind-bone Jaysus
off Cree-King Lafferties
Mock Swerverly,
benighting me with
Ygrainsaid thoughts
doon complished,
while backtracking aforesaid
out the sunny mists
of chinkily honey-kissed
peerserposing toby
Savvy-O-aura-Atrix -

and is it me,
a blackened gullet
what's baking a brew,
aur the aye in me pie
what's been lashed,
hounded and bounded,
set off stiff in the hillage,
ta rue an roar
lake noon afore
anne grabblin
femerous sensemakers, oosht!!
the way-whirly
fair loopin
mish mash

tank o da trays
way lava ring
dance o the brays
waylava ring
rank o da mays
wail ava ring
sonk in her hays
weigh lava ring
burn all da daze
wheel aVa ring
moonk all me raise

way maYa rays ~ are eyes a rouse a rose sheen raddy rOoOse!!

Pin Galactical
Out Orbed
Ultra Modical
Earth's Seed
Blished O Be
Groan Tune
Out Way
Hammered Anne
Hummered Inta


Pray luminaries ..

As what's gustin ghestern an grease-loopin graven the gross sinner shpace a twine us. Eclair in is true oath like ta sweet butterin batterin sues up afore the heneral splay clatterin; to wit an be sure, the plunky ionical orgasmatronical nowandscanebeshare flirty Fleury flits o mammoshine meandrical oft lifted an bemused ever-dwellin spicy spacey craythur whose all-adsorbing fulti-bi-octo-tito-pleni-for-tumultoesness-ness-ness caint knaver aver bay shircumshcraped bay ay whibblin shcribblin scribe lake mo dune arshedshnelf - so weave bovver knows sacks me? Wheel tis lake this me ever meanderin moisturisers nunny can nanny know how feigncluedin may boxed up shnelf - aye seize and be bound.

Mine Sigh

Galloping Breach
Of Sages

Pour into My
Mind's Eye The
Sin Tactical
Of the Ages

Tell me Why
Planets Burn
and the Plainest
Perish Neath the Rubble



Coin Sea Densities

Mettling Muddle

Flung Her Bedoon

Till Toon
Soon Droon
A Brewin Rune
Threwn Room
Beoyung and ..

Be Grown Shis
Or Bay Grash
Hay Moth oAth AcUs

Me Heir Shworn

Plickle Plopplers
Pluckin Prankily

A Lake

Shape O' Aidey
Duterous Doughters
Spooderin Spayderin

Espied Eireann
Nooterin Air Nowty
Nutterers an Loopin
Her Loon Dry

Till True
Tara Tare A
An Twisted Fits an Glits an Trits
Anne Shpits

Hear Stay Ed
Moist One

deaf tuner

Ad Honoris
Oct 2013
I love how it sounds.
Now I have to try to understand it.

(Your posts are some of most challenging, interesting, funny ways to learn I came across . Even English)

Thank You.

Gile na Gile

Ad Honorem
May 2008
Hi Deaf Tuner, tks for stopping by.

Glad you like the "sounds" as that's half the intent while as regards the "meaning", no-one's more puzzled than myself I assure you. :D

deaf tuner

Ad Honoris
Oct 2013
Well, it's a relief: was my impression too,that means I was not that much lost. Gives me hopes in my tumultuous relationship with English ;)