World of 1941 in the webnovel of Red Dawn


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Dec 2015
I tell about the novel previously.
The world of 1941 in the webnovel is like that:
China: under the leadership of Chen Ke and the People's Party of China, it is the most populous, industrially productive, and militarily capable, technologically advanced country of the time:
Chen Ke doesn't like Beijing that much; his capital is Zhengzhou.
This is the China in 1941:

The Caucasian and Aboriginal population of Australia and New Zealand are expelled to India and replaced with Chinese population.
The part of Thailand is the proposed Kra Isthmus Canal, which is finished in the webnovel.
Population of China at this time is 800 million.
Japan is already subdued under a socialist regime (the emperor is still there), and China is NOT interested in further territorial acquisitions.

The USSR has massive economic supports from China; it should do much better than it does in real history. (Ukrainian famines doesn't happen here.)
Nazi Germany: Very similar to its historical self, except it has Chinese "support" to weaken Britain. (mostly finished submarines and submarine technologies.)
Great Britain: extremely weakened in this scenario; with an severely weakened fleet (repetitive defeats by China) and Indian rebellions (with Chinese supports), it is almost 100% doomed.
France is gone from the scene; Charles De Gaulle still leads the Free French force.
The United States has started to mobilized; then, it won't match China in this case.

This is the ending of the novel, which is a perfectly open ending.

How will the world geopolitical map develop after World War II?
What may happen to Canada and the rest of the British Empire?
How would the USSR fare in this scenario?


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Dec 2015
My speculation first:
Nazi Germany may be defeated even earlier than it is historically.
Japan is out of the war screen and is no longer militaristic; will it become a developed country?
The issue is the United States: how much it will gain after World War II? Will the British Empire merge with the USA?
Churchill's Britain is in a weaker position than it is historically; how it will do?
India can be independent very soon, and Burma and Vietnam are becoming independent (under Chinese support).