World War II stories

Jun 2006
Montana Mountains
Most of us here probably had a father or grandfather that fought in World War II or was involved in some way. Does your family have any interesting World War II stories? Did you have a family member fight in any major battles like Normandy?


Historum Emeritas
Jul 2006
My grandfather was sent to Siberia as a POW after the Russians invaded Poland. He and my great uncles were ordered to cut down trees. In 1943 he was released and became an officer in the British army, serving in North Africa and D-Day.
My grandmother was in the Polish womens' army, she was also sent to Siberia to work on a collective farm, after her release she spent time in Palestine before coming to England.
My Uncle:

PFC. James Guiseppe, 3rd Infantry Division

Dates of Service: July 8, 1942 - July 20, 1945

Arrived in the European Theater of Operations: September 11, 1942

One Silver, Four Bronze Stars, Five Oversees Service Bars, One Service Stripe, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, Purple Heart, Arrowhead, The Fourragère

Campaigns: Algerian-French Moroccan, Tunisian, Sicilian, Naples, Foggia, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe
Jul 2006
My grandfather was Sergeant in the Greek artilery and fought in Albania when we kicked Italian ass, unfortunately Hitler saved them.
And one detail :
My Grandfather was granted with a 40 day medical relax cause the Italians used GAS.
I detail i think not much known.
Jul 2006
Bristol, England
my grandad was in the british army and i think was an army enginerr helping clear mines etc in normandy. he died when i was 8 so i didnt really get told much about it.


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
My Grandfather served in the Pacific from 1943 until after the war in 1949, He joined when he was 15 years old by changing his birthyear from
'27 to '25. His ship was hit by a Kamikaze. My Uncle served in the European Theatre.