Worst UK PM ever

Sep 2012
PM David Cameron said before the first referendum (actually the second, because the first was in 1975 to join EEC/ the predecessor of EU) that the leave campaign is wrong, there will be another one if the British people vote to remain in EU i quote 'this is referendum and not neverendum'.


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I'm genuinely glad to hear that. Perhaps I misunderstood, but when you said:-

Do you really think that Blair will ever come under any form of investigation, let alone prosecution, for making such misleading lies. Anybody can stand on the street corner, or internet forum, and denounce Blair, but that's as far as it will ever be allowed to go

I took that to mean that you felt there were dark forces at work who'd protect Blair but wouldn't protect Johnson.

I never said you believed in reptilians. The point I was making (and perhaps is not a point I should be making to you in light of the above) is that it is very easy to shout 'it's all a conspiracy' , but not quite so easy to actually prove it. To that degree, those who are happy to accept great conspiracies without any actual evidence (other than the argument from common sense, which is typically no such thing) are not so far away from the tinfoil hat brigade as they might like to think.

So, my apologies if I misunderstood.
That's fine, it's just the old problem of easily getting crossed wires when we converse in this format and not face to face, and so miss cues and nuances.


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Listen, if UK leaves at the end of the year the real damage for EU budget will be irrelevant. So I'm with Johnson: leave EU without paying a pound.

Regarding the ongoing projects approved also by UK ... I don't grasp the problem: if UK leaves EU those projects should be automatically cancelled. Period.

So ... ok Johnson, lead UK out of EU without paying a pound.

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