Worst UK PM ever

Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
I think it may end much sooner since so many candidates are falling far behind. It looks as if it will end up as Johnson v. Gove, and Johnson will win (Gove is man of more political substance but no one trusts him and he has little public appeal).
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
Those of us who shot/ sniffed/ ate a bit of Cocaine in the past, may have some sympathy for Mr. Gove. But one wonders why he chose this point in his life to admit that he used the stuff. I sense that a newspaper office has had this little treasure at the back of a filing cabinet, waiting for the right time to reveal it. He chose to "Come clean" ( sorry) before it was splattered all over the nation's press.
The 10 candidates with number of known Conservative MP supporters (2nd Referendum advocate Sam Gyimah withdrew today):

Boris Johnson: 57
Michael Gove: 31
Jeremy Hunt: 29
Dominic Raab: 22
Sajid Javid: 18
Matt Hancock: 13
Mark Harper: 8
Esther McVey: 8
Rory Stewart: 8
Andrea Leadsom: 8

8 minimum for nomination, 16 to pass the first ballot. 100 MPs are yet to back a candidate.

Voting to whittle down the candidates will be on June 13th and June 18th.

Boris Johnson looks the overwhelming favourite, a little too overwhelming...
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
More than likely, although it is also possible that he was trying to show himself as being cool rather than just the school swot, and failed to anticipate the reaction.
Sep 2013

Listen, if UK leaves at the end of the year the real damage for EU budget will be irrelevant. So I'm with Johnson: leave EU without paying a pound.

Regarding the ongoing projects approved also by UK ... I don't grasp the problem: if UK leaves EU those projects should be automatically cancelled. Period.

So ... ok Johnson, lead UK out of EU without paying a pound.
At which point the international lawyers may get wheeled out. If a group of companies join together to commit themselves to some form of expenditure there may be consequences if one of them decides to jump ship. I imagine that’s a slight over-simplification but you get my meaning.

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