Would a surviving Napoleonic Empire have eventually sought to expand outside of Europe?


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Oct 2010
If he ever wanted bring Britain to the negotiating table, yes.
that's not sharing in any sense of the world but dictating to a minor or totally defeated power. It's not something the Russians would willingly accept for long. Comprehensive Military defeat would not enable such measures. Only some long term French occupation on Russian ports on the Baltic and that's a very tall order.

But Napoleon was trading with Britian , selling them grain when the british had a shortage. By teh time Naploen invaded Russia, Napoloen himself had mostly made the continitial system mainly about french dominace rather than effective economic war agianst Brittan.


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Jan 2017
Sound like an excuse to go invading ,
Napoleon had some issues with an invasion fetish

a great organizer much given to micromanagement , he could have reformed Europe borders in a more rational way
using nationalism and a thirst for representative institutions

but once he got the Imperial crown , he craved monarchical respectability
like a nouveau rich wanting to be accepted in the club

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