Would Domitian have visited Pompeii in 79/80?

Feb 2018
portland, OR
I find no mention of it, though we know Titus visited the site and prominent Consuls were sent as well. Could this have been one of the alleged snubs against Domitian by Titus for positions of influence? Or is it more likely Domitian was indeed sent as an emissary and no records of the event survive today?
Oct 2018
What is the evidence that Titus visited the site? I wasn't aware that he did.

Here is what I have found so far regarding his response:

Suetonius, Titus 8.3-4: There were some dreadful disasters during his reign, such as the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Campania, a fire at Rome which continued three days and as many nights, and a plague the like of which had hardly ever been known before. In these many great calamities he showed not merely the concern of an emperor, but even a father's surpassing love, now offering consolation in edicts, and now lending aid so far as his means allowed. 4 He chose commissioners by lot from among the ex-consuls for the relief of Campania; and the property of those who lost their lives by Vesuvius and had no heirs left alive he applied to the rebuilding of the buried cities.

Dio 66.24.3: Titus accordingly sent two ex-consuls to the Campanians to supervise the restoration of the region, and bestowed upon the inhabitants not only general gifts of money, but also the property of such as had lost their lives and left no heirs. 4 As for himself, he accepted nothing from any private citizen or city or king, although many kept offering and promising him large sums; but he restored all the damaged regions from funds already on hand.