Would it be possible to find such weapons in Greece ?

Jan 2015
Thanks a lot Matthew. That's about all the answers I needed.
Happy to help!

My own opinion on the thing was actually kind of : " the only way for such weapons to have found their way would have been for some kind of rich person with weapon collecting antics to be interested in foreign weapons."
Well, there were certainly rich people with *art* collections. And I'm sure many rich men had nice spreads of weaponry. Whether or not there were collectors of foreign and exotic weaponry is a big question, and I do *not* think it is safe to assume that such a hobby is a cultural universal, or something like that. You'd have to comb through a lot of literature to find some reference as evidence.

The kind of guy who is most likely to bring home exotic weapons would be a mercenary. We know Greek hoplites served as mercenaries all over the place--one Egyptian pharaoh had a force of THIRTY THOUSAND of them. So a mercenary wandering from contract to contract could run into quite a few (reasonably) distant foreigners. Not that he's likely to trek across India looking for work in China! There was PLENTY of warfare within a hundred miles of the Mediterranean, no mercenary had to go very far to find work. Many Greek mercenaries fought in Greece itself, for starters. But note that these were not typically *rich* men, at least not when they took up the professional soldiering trade. Because rich men did not *have* to leave home looking for fortune!

So when I read that topic about AC on some site, one of the first thing I tought was : "Is this story about and assassin or about a crazy weapon-collecting maniac ?" Which triggered my curiosity even more with that discussion, about if it really was possible or not.
That's the real problem in arguing with some folks--we can't *prove* that something is IMPOSSIBLE, at least not to their satisfaction. The tiniest crumb of doubt is all they need to justify something. Of course, actual historical research works in exactly the opposite way, gathering the evidence first and drawing cautious and conservative conclusions from it. It's a completely different mindset, and it can be hard for folks to switch gears. As long as it's JUST A GAME, though, who cares? Play and enjoy! (*My* favorite game is "Zombies Took My Daughter"!) But yeah, it can lead to some rather distorted views of history.


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