Would most Americans during the Civil War know of the existence of homosexuality?

Jun 2015
Yes, they did.
But it would have been dismissed, or even falsely acknowledged not to exist.
It would be like in African or Asian countries today.
Just like Nigerians say it's "unAfrican" - I can imagine President Davis or even President Abe, or Generals Grant and Lee saying it's "unAmerican".
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Apr 2017
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I'll guarantee you that Gronk the Caveman knew about homosexuality! Whether or not a given society is evolved enough to recognize it publicly is a different story but, come on man, they knew about it!

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Lawnmowerman (post 3) gave an example "poofter" . I'm sure were many names at various places and times.


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Dec 2014
I think Americans are not more stupid or more intelligent than the others humans.. and they knew homosexuality.... that existed in Summer, Egypt, Crete, Greece, Persia.... from Ancient days!!!...

So, yes, there were homosexuals in 1861-1865... and yes.. I guess (but I don´t know) for sure homosexuals also fought in CSA Army!! (and in the union)...andn for sure... 300 Pederast fought as demons in Thermopilae!... But I think the sexuality care nothing in history...Who care if Alexander was homo, hetero or bisex?
Do you think that matter if Prinz Eugen was pederast and loved slavonic boys? For me not! I care nothing if a man is a very hetero, man, a very homo or very bisex...I am only interested how he fight!! (but I am not protestant.. so.. I am tolerant).