Would the Japanese isolation of Australia had work had they captured Port Moresby

Jun 2015
If the Japanese had broken through Kokoda and captured Port Moresby could they have truly separated the US from Australia.

Considering the fact they suffered a strategic defeat at Coral Sea and then a humiliating defeat at Midway. What would have happened or changed had they took Port Moresby?
Mar 2010
No difference at all Guadalcanal was more crucial to keeping US/Australian lines open and its occupation by the Japanese didn't really effect anything.

If the Japanese had won at Coral Sea and been able to land troops at Port Moresby rather than having to trek overland then Australia would be in deep trouble.

Coral Sea was the real defeat for the Japanese not Kokoda.


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Apr 2010
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If the Japanese had taken Moresby it would have made thing look pretty grim for Australia, maybe even prompted a partial or complete surrender.

Having said that a large component of anything that would happen subsequently to Moresby falling would be bluff on the part of the Japanese. By the time the Japanese were on the ridge over Moresby they were exhausted and at the end of their logistical tether.
Guadalcanal was still happening and also eating up resources that the Japanese couldn't comfortably spare. The Japanese themselves said there was never any realistic chance of invading Australia......it was just too big.

So it really would put the Japanese in a position to make threats that might have made Australia surrender.......might have. Nothing more really.

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