Would the world be a lot better if Canada became the next superpower?


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Dec 2015
Canada and Australia are two examples of "great landmass, low population, low profile countries".
A few days back on Baidu, some people ask why Australia has not become a superpower.
In both cases:
A substantial part of the country is uninhibited and inhospitable.
The population is much lower and is concentrated in a few major cities.
Industrial production in the case of Canada is substantial; this doesn't render it a superpower.
Low population and geographical limitation renders both countries relatively unsuitable as superpowers.
Then, why do some people expect countries to be superpowers?
What are the benefits of being superpowers?
What are the potentials of Canada?
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Apr 2018
According to a lot of people, there are always going to be superpowers.....
And according to a lot of people, America isn't going to remain one for very long......
And according to a lot of people, they don't want China or Russia to be next superpowers.....
And according to a lot of people.... Canadians are nice, caring, friendly and peace keeping people.....
So, would the world be better off if Canada became the next sole superpower?


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Dec 2015
How has the arrest of Meng Wanzhou affected the reputation of Canada as a neutral, independent, just country?
The realistic question is: what potentials do Canada have to achieve superpower status?


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May 2016
“Would the world be a lot better if Canada became the next superpower?”

Being the devil’s advogate:

This sort of threads, and there are at least one more out there, but we can put any country name in the question, should be in the SubForum “Speculative Future”, not in the SubForum “Speculative History”, since the word "history" should lead us to think about the past. A paradoxical kind of thread!
In this hypothetical scenario how would Canada overtake the US as the global superpower? If they militarily defeated the US ( :lol: sorry, I couldn't type that with a straight face) the rest of the world would be cowed into appeasing Oh Canada, not a big improvement on US hegemony right now.
If it was through internal development combined with increased external trade, the US would object to Canada challenging them at some point, leading to war of the trade or military kind.

Suffice to say Canada would only become the major superpower once the US has declined massively. Whether the world would be better or not, I don't think it'd make much difference since you have to protect your #1 status with military force eventually.

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