Writing History & History as Leisure

Oct 2010
Many or indeed most here have written history in one form or another. Some will only have written for the audience on Historum but I suspect others write history for academic or indeed wider audiences. I'm curious to know about everyone's experience of history writing. What did you enjoy? What did you find challenging? Did you have any difficulty accessing or interpreting sources? What's your preferred methodology? Have you had any stylistic issues with your particular way of writing history? What way do you cite other authors, and what have you learned from them about writing? Basically, you have free reign to tell us about your experience of writing history.

My other question is about history as leisure. This is related to other threads that have been posted recently. Do you prefer to keep your hand in across a range of subjects, or specialise? If you're not reading history for any other purpose than to enjoy it, does that influence what you read, or what way you consume history? For instance, would you be more likely to listen to podcasts if it was just for leisure? Do you keep notes when reading a history book, even if just to make sure you understand the material?

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