WW2 through Spanish Newspaper ABC Headlines

Apr 2019
Dear History lovers mates,

I just created a new video I posted in YouTube:

As you know, Spain was a (relatively) neutral country. ABC is nowadays a moderate center right newspaper, but was at that time a right wing monarchist newspaper. News are rather neutral when it comes to the American/British and German fights. Nevertheless, as this newspaper was severely anti communist, the coverage is clearly hostile towards the Soviet Union (You will notice not any Headline about Staline). I chose this Newspaper because they had some nice First Page Headlines

Dates correspond to the date of the newspaper (some news might have delays...there was no Youtube, Twitter or the Alternate History Forum at that time). You might also spot some "fake news". If some important headlines are not displayed, don't blame me, this was their decision. For instance, it's interesting to see that there is no headline for Mussolini death (bear in mind that at that time Spain was under Franco's dictatorship)

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