WWII dive bombers

Jun 2006
Montana Mountains
Those dive bombers at Midway. How come they went straight down at those US carriers when they could have just drop those bombs. Was it to give the bomb more acceleration and accuracy?
Jul 2006
"An object in motion tends to stay in motion" When you drop a bomb while flying straight and level its going to keep moving and if you don't aim it just right it will overshoot or undershoot.

By dropping a bomb in a near vertical dive, MUCH greater precision is obtained. And instead of whacking in the armored side of the ship or bursting on the deck, the bomb is going striaght down through the flight deck.


Forum Staff
Jun 2006
In many ways dive bombers were the forerunners of todays "smart" bombs. The Germans, Japanese, and Americans had them, but I don't recall the British ever using them. I wonder why?