Yi Sun-sin's punishment after the double agent plot

Feb 2019
On wikipedia it says:

"As a result, in 1597, Yi was relieved of command, placed under arrest, and taken to Seoul in chains to be imprisoned and tortured. Yi was tortured almost to the point of death by using simple torture tactics such as whipping, flogging, burning, the cudgel, or even the classic technique of leg breaking torture. King Seonjo wanted to have Yi killed, but the admiral's supporters at court, chiefly the minister Jeong Tak (정탁; 鄭琢; 1526–1605), convinced the king to spare him due to his past service record. The prime minister, Yu Seong-ryong, who was Yi's childhood friend and his main supporter, remained silent during this deadly hour. Spared the death penalty, Admiral Yi was again demoted to the rank of a common infantry soldier under General Gwon Yul. This penalty was worse than death for Joseon generals at that time, since they lived by honor. However, Yi responded to this humiliation as a most obedient subject, quietly going about his work as if his rank and orders were appropriate. Despite his low rank, many officers treated him with respect, since they knew that the admiral did nothing wrong. Yi would stay under General Gwon Yul's command for a short while until Won Gyun's death at the Battle of Chilchonryang, which would lead to his reinstatement."

But Stephen Turnbull writes: "Early in April 1597 therefore, in a bloodless victory for the Japanese forces, the greatest obstacle that lay between them and a successful renewal of the war was removed from office. Yi was replaced at his base of Hansando by the ineffective and pathetic figure of Wŏn Kyun, who proceeded to use his new position as an opportunity for drunkenness and debauchery. When Yi's trial took place only his distinguished record saved him from the death penalty, and his sentence was reduced to that of being degraded in rank and sent to serve in Kwŏn Yul's army as a common soldier. Here he spent a short but frustrating time until the subsequent battle of Ch'ilch'ŏnnyang forced the King to grant Yi a pardon and to reinstate him to his former office."

Wikipedia provides no citation so I'm wondering if there is indeed a source claiming Yi was tortured with those methods and that Jeong was the one who saved him.


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Aug 2013
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Yu Songnyong's Chingbirok says Chong T'ak was the only minister who defended Yi. Then Yu says Yi was only tortured once (doesn't go into details) and his sentence was reduced to him being made a common soldier.