Yokes and Curses in Ancient Greece

Feb 2012
First of all this topic is likely to be a spoiler for anyone intending to read "The Spartan" by Caroline Dale Snedeker.
This said it reads in the Chapter "

from ancient
the Bearing-ot- the- Yoke had been the ritual-cli
from blood guiltiness and curse. "

And as a reference to Apolo's punishment by serving Admetus:
as I, Apollo,
bore it in the fields of Admetos? By the yoke was I
cleansed !" "

Was there any reference in ancient Greece about the practice of carrying the yoke for cleansing of curses or anything similar, or was this fictionalized by the author?
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Feb 2012
This question has been around here unanswered for a long time maybe it was better suited for the History of Religion thread is it possible for the mods to move the thread there? Or if there is no problem for me to start a similar thread there.
Feb 2012
Thank you Todd Feinman I was taking it literaly as it seems in ancient times peasants actualy put a yoke around their necks to plough the land, saw a scene like that recently but can't remember where, and was wondering if that concrete activity was seen as cleansing for curses. But this yoke that is mentioned in your links looks more the symbol of a divine punishment. So maybe she merged both in the novel, and indeed like you say it seems more of a Christian concept, though these days am not surprised to find what usually attributed to the Judeo-Christian tradition in the Hellenic World.
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Oct 2013
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Interesting stuff! If I run across something helpful I learn from it too. That's part of the fun of forums. And to watch folks break lances on each other, get bent out of and back into shape.. :zany:
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