You can change 10 national borders worldwide; which ones would you change?


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I created a thread similar to this one several years ago and I wanted to redo it in order to see how people's opinions in regards to this have changed. Anyway, here are my own thoughts on this right now:

1. Unify Korea. North Korea is an abomination and thus has to go. A transition period of a couple of decades where North Korea is managed as a South Korean protectorate might be a good idea due to the extreme wealth gap between North and South Korea right now, though.

2. An independent Kurdistan consisting of all Kurdish-majority territories in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. The Kurds deserve their independence, and they will get it.

3. The Malay-majority parts of southern Thailand (at the very tip of southern Thailand) either become independent or join Malaysia.

4. West Papua becomes independent from Indonesia.

5. Jordan and most of Syria form a union under the Hashemites. Interestingly enough, this should have been done in 1920 as per the original plan:

Franco-Syrian War - Wikipedia

Of course, Syria's Alawite-majority coast becomes an independent state and (as I said above) the Kurdish-majority parts of Syria are going to join an independent Kurdistan.

6. An independent Palestine along the lines of the 2003 Geneva Initiative, but with borders slightly more in favor of Israel.

7. A partition of Nigeria into an independent Igbo state in the southeast, an independent Yoruba state in the southwest, and an independent Hausa-Fulani state in the north that could be viewed as being a recreation of the Sokoto Caliphate of the old days.

8. The Chittagong Hill Tracts get transferred from Bangladesh to India.

9. Romania annexes Moldova, with the exception of Transnistria and possibly Gaugazia as well--both of which Ukraine can annex.

10. South Tyrol--with the exception of its Italian-majority strip--gets transferred from Italy to Austria.

Anyway, how does all of this sound?
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Kurdistan covers the ancient Assyrian empire, there's a lot of debates between Kurds and Assyrians over who the land really belongs to. Kurds are the majority while Assyrians are a very small community so the bigger community will win out. I don't think Turkish-Kurds and Iranian-Kurds are in favor of joining Kurdistan, the Iraqi and Syrian ones seem the most adamant but then is it worth only getting a small part of Greater Kurdistan? Also if I'm not wrong, there are a lot of Arabs in cities like Mosul and Kirkuk, so who gets these cities?

Alawites rule Syria currently, they're essentially Arab people that follow a different sect of Islam. It'd make sense for them to join the Syria-Jordan state you proposed, however I don't think that's a good idea because Syrians and native Jordanians are very different. Northern Iraq merging with Syria makes a lot more sense. Alawites getting the coast wouldn't be fair to Syria, that's just going to cause future troubles and animosity.

I don't think Chittagong hill tracts should go to India, they speak a Bengali dialect and are already part of a Bengali nation unless you mean the Chakma minority but even then it'd make no sense to leave one country you're a minority in to another multi-ethnic country where you're a superminority probably not even .000001% of the population. If the 7 sister states of India were to secede then maybe it'd make sense for Chittagong to join them.
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