You can change 10 national borders worldwide; which ones would you change?


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I would like to see the Kurds and the Basques get homeland nations.

I like the thought of every people having its own independent state, but where does one draw the line? Burgundy? Catalonia?
I love my USA but would look on favor with restoring/establishing Cherokee and Iroquois states
There are over 500 federally recognized tribal governments in the USA today. Why restore only Cherokee and Iroquois states?

QUOTE="sparticulous, post: 3186443, member: 26992"]We should have just occupied it at the start of the Cold War when Denmark refused to sell. They know it’s a violation of Monroe and it’ll be booming with American tourism that doesn’t need passports.[/QUOTE]

Are you claiming that the Monroe Docturn is a recognized principal of international law and that it is some sort of international crime to disregard it? Anyway:

The Monroe Doctrine explicitly exempted contemporary European-controlled territories in the Americas.
Few more historical states this world really needs:

Republic of the Rio Grande
Raj of Sarawak
State of Deseret
State of Muskogee
Golden Horde (we need few khans and khagans although I propose to turn to old ways, to chanyus)
Kingdom of Gwynned
State of Teutonic order (world needs faith, Kaliningrad will be renamed to Konigsberg and all crusading faithfuls will be asked to join)
Tabaristan under Zoroastrians
Nanzhao or Dali state
No more Khans! No more khagans or kakhans! Too many millions of persons were massacred by the forces of various khans, khangans, and kakhans for anyone to ever be permitted to use such titles again.

It is quite possible that the kings of Gwynedd also claimed to be the kings of the Britons, and thus the overlords of all the other Welsh kingdoms. And it is also possible that they were the heirs to the hypothetical northwestern Roman Empire in Britain, successors to Constantine III.

But the State of the Teutonic Order should not be an independent state but part of the Holy Roman Empire.
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