Your country's most shameful moments

Sep 2019
What are your country's most shameful moments? As for my own adopted country the United States of America, there are my thoughts on this (not in any particular order):

1. Its historical mistreatment of the Native Americans. The US should have pursued a more humane and less brutal Native American policy--for instance, by allowing Native Americans to remain on their traditional lands if they would have agreed to assimilate like the Cherokee did.
2. Its crushing of the Filipino independence rebellion after the Spanish-American War. The US should have allowed the Philippines to immediately become independent rather than to squander a lot of lives and treasure in order to keep the Philippines--and also squander a lot of Filipino lives in the process as well.
3. Its withdrawal into isolationism after the end of WWI. Considering that the US helped pave the way for the Entente victory in WWI, it should have been willing to play a role in enforcing and upholding the post-WWI peace settlement. That way, maybe it would have been harder for this settlement to unravel in the 1930s and lead to a new World War. Also, even if a new World War would have still occurred, maybe there would have been no Fall of France had the US already been an active participant in this war.
4. Its support for Pakistan while it was conducing mass murder in Bangladesh in 1970-1971. At the very least, the US should have aggressively pushed Pakistan to halt this murderous rampage--but of course it would have been even better for the US to support India and the Bengali rebels in this conflict (though I am unsure just how politically feasible this part would have been).
5. Its support for the Khmer Rouge in the decade after 1979 in order to give the Vietnamese a bloody nose in Cambodia.
6. Its encouragement of Iraqi Kurds and Shi'ites to rebel against Saddam Hussein in 1991 only for the US to subsequently abandon them. At the very least, if the US wanted to keep Saddam Hussein in power in 1991, it should have refrained from giving any false hope or any false encouragement to Iraqi Kurds and Shi'ites.
7. The historical presence of slavery in the US as well as the Jim Crow laws in huge parts of the US in the century after the end of the American Civil War.

Anyway, what exactly am I missing from my list here and what would you have put on an equivalent list for your own countries?
Im Canadian. My countries most shameful moments is what they have been doing for the past 70 years lol. Further ruining our country whilst the European spirit that literally built it continues to be snuffed away by our corrupt oligarch of Nepotistic Liberal psychopaths, who would RATHER let their country burn, than be called a racist or "mean" lol.
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Oct 2016
Here is another great Aussie moment .

I might be wrong , but I think one of our past PMs was the the only world leader to allow another country to test its weapons of mass destruction on its own citizens .

Human guinea-pigs in the British N-tests in Australia – Nuclear-Free Campaign

McClelland Royal Commission - Wikipedia

For the first four years of the tests, one man had the task of searching for Aborigines throughout the massive atomic test range. Signs were erected in some places - written in English, which few Aborigines in the region understood.

In his book “No Conceivable Injury”, Robert Milliken noted that “For most white Australians in the 1950s, the Aborigines simply did not count”. Literally. Aborigines were not counted in the census until 1967. So when the British conducted nuclear tests in 1952 on Monte Bello Island, off the coast of Western Australia, they had detailed data on ducks, cows, hens, cattle, horses and sheep in the region, but for information on Aborigines they relied on the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

... Despite the free train trips and the token patrols, Aborigines were still in Maralinga region at time of weapons tests. This fact was known to the Australian government, although the official stance of the British and Australian governments for 30 years after the tests was that no Aborigines were affected by the tests.

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Mar 2013
They *tried*, and failed, which is the whole point.
Oh, you mean that was the case at the beginning, before the interventions?

If yes, then I don't get this post "That's what happened in Libya and Syria. They didn't turn out so well." as a reply to "Saddam may have been the devil for all I know, but I do think that's their business to resolve amongst themselves", since I don't think Peaceful was advocating for allowing countries to settle their own affairs only for a limited amount of time.
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