your favorite naval movies

Apr 2018
A rare treasure then.

There was real tension in this film on who would win.

It is I admit. Good thing is-most arent very expensive usually running between $10-$15 an image. Those priced higher are usually from dealers who are skyjacking them for every penny they can squeeze from it. They printed these in the hundreds in most cases. There are exceptions where muc fewer were printed and or survive. Ive one such example that if from a documentary made in 1924-and is titled: Bunker Hill. Documentaries didnt print many stills-let alone like their movie counterparts. This one is an excelleny combat scene with the Patriots manning a wall-and the British forces attacking against their positions.


Ad Honoris
May 2011
Navan, Ireland
Master Commander

Cruel Sea

San Demintro

Laughtons Mutiny on the Bounty and the Gibson/Hopkins version


Ad Honorem
Jul 2011
The Boat

The Cruel Sea

In Which We Serve

Above Us The Waves

Morning Departure

Mater and Commander

Damn The Defiant
Apr 2018
Upland, Sweden
Master and Commander

The Yamato

I'd add a longer list, but I'm afraid those are the only two purely "naval" movies I've seen, philistine as it sounds.