your favorite naval movies


Jan 2018
They Were Expendable.

A bleak John Ford picture about the 1942 American defeat in the Philippines influenced by the wartime experiences of director Ford and star Robert Montgomery. Superb black and white photography by Joe August. Perhaps the best war movie of any type.

I’m also keen on Master and Commander, The Enemy Below, In Harms Way (read the book, it’s on Kindle and called “Harms Way”) and the 1951 Raoul Walsh picture Captain Horatio Hornblower starring Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo and James Robertson Justice.
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Feb 2016
Peter Weir's Master and Commander is a great film on any number of levels.

The best naval film never made? HMS Ulysses. Great book. Would make a great movie in the right hands.

Oct 2016
+1 on Tora Tora Tora

I really liked Sink the Bismarck except for the portrayal of Admiral Lutjens, shown as a hysterical fanatic ('Der Fuhrer promised us air cover!')

Midway was a better battle than movie imho
Aug 2018
Without reading all preceding in this thread:

Master and Commander
Sink the Bismark
Battle of the Japan Sea (1969) Nihonkai daikaisen
African Queen
Das Boot (1984, 1988 BBC miniseries (300 minutes) about the experiences of a German uboat crew. Considered the best in regards to submarine movies I believe. Have not seen the blu ray copy I own yet. Need a lot of time to do it properly.

Hunt for Red October
Under Siege

How could I forget this. An instant favourite of mine. A film from the Netherlands about Admiral Michel De Ruyter

I believe Tom Hanks is making a movie called Destroyer. Also believe a new MIDWAY film is coming soon. As is a Das Boot sequel.

P.S. I really wanted to see the black and white silent Service TV series with real military officers prefacing the missions shown. Using real vessels. It had De Forest Kelly in some episodes from memory. I believe the TV station may have recorded over some episodes but a great many were saved
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Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Das Boot; original 1982 German movie, with Jurgen Prochnow, although the entire cast is excellent. Didn't know about the miniseries, will try to get a copy.

I came across Michiel De Ruyter on Youtube, free, and loved it.