your favorite naval movies


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Apr 2011
Georgia, USA
In which we serve, Cruel Sea, Above us the Waves, in fact any "black and white" British war film of the 40's and 50's. I suppose nowdays they're called "monochrome".

Yangtse Incident (released in the USA as Battle Hell), The Silent Enemy, Sink The Bismarck, Dunkirk (1958 version)

Master & Commander


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Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
I think that Damn the Defiant is actually my favourite naval film, although the Cruel Sea takes some beating (realistic and downbeat), and those old b&w submarine films with John Mills etc. More recently, the Hornblower series and Master and Commander. Really one is spoilt for choice.

Although as a Hollandophile I was looking forward to seeing the de Ruyter film, I found it disappointing, spoilt by an excess of techonological wizardry and rather crass script. The main part was well played.
May 2016
Wyoming U.S.A.
i've just watched The battle of the river plate with Antony Quale starring and i started thinking (i know it's bad for me ) about how many realy good ones have been made over the years , my personal favorite is The Cruel Sea staring the great Jack Hawkings, so what is your favorite all time naval movie? .

I certainly agree .

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