Your favorite pre-1992 songs


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
I have many favorites but this cover of soul artist Donny Hathaway by Amy Winehouse is exceptional IMO. It was an encore after a gig in a small French club.

Then there's this:

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Dec 2011
1992 seems a bit of an arbitrary cut-off date? Is that when you reached 30? ;)

It's very hard to make a choice, and I can't decide which is best between these 2 favourites.

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Oct 2018
Some of my favourites:
'Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On', Jerry Lee Lewis
'Same Old Song', The Four Tops
'My Girl', The Temptations
'Get Ready', The Temptations
'Monday Monday', The Mamas and the Papas
'For the Love of Ivy', The Mamas and the Papas
'I Can't Wait', The Mamas and the Papas
'Don't Worry Baby', The Beach Boys
'Help Me Rhonda', The Beach Boys
'God Only Knows', The Beach Boys
'The Kids Are Alright', The Who
'So Sad About Us', The Who
'A Quick One While He's Away', The Who
'Silas Stingy', The Who
'Heaven and Hell', The Who
'My Wife', The Who
'The Real Me', The Who
'The Punk and the Godfather', The Who
'Since I've Been Lovin' You', Led Zeppelin
'Dazed and Confused', Led Zeppelin
'In My Time of Dying', Led Zeppelin
'No Quarter', Led Zeppelin
'Four Sticks', Led Zeppelin
'When the Levee Breaks', Led Zeppelin
'The Rover', Led Zeppelin
'Black Night', Deep Purple
'Child In Time', Deep Purple
'Burn', Deep Purple
'Hey Joe', Jimi Hendrix Experience
'Children of the Revolution', T. Rex
'Metal Guru', T. Rex
'New York City', T. Rex
'Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)', John Lennon
'Imagine', John Lennon
'Under My Thumb', The Rolling Stones (The Who version is great too)
'Paint It Black', The Rolling Stones
'Let's Spend the Night Together', The Rolling Stones
'2000 Light Years from Home', The Rolling Stones
'Gimme Shelter', The Rolling Stones
'Angie', The Rolling Stones
'I Am the Walrus', The Beatles
'Helter Skelter', The Beatles
'A Day in the Life', The Beatles
'Savoy Truffle', The Beatles
'When the Music's Over', The Doors
'Touch Me', The Doors
'Love Me Two Times', The Doors
'White Rabbit', Jefferson Airplane
'White Room', Cream
'I Feel Free', Cream
'Spoonful', Cream
'Layla', Derek & The Dominoes
'Ball and Chain', Big Brother & The Holding Company/Janis Joplin
'Apostrophe', Frank Zappa
'Ashes to Ashes', David Bowie
'London Calling', The Clash
'Come On Eileen', Dexy's Midnight Runners
'Jailbait', Motorhead
'Six Months in a Leaky Boat', Split Enz
'My Mistake', Split Enz
'I Got You', Split Enz
'Kiss the Dirt', INXS
'Never Tear Us Apart', INXS
'Losing My Religion', REM
'Stubb (A Dub)', Mr Bungle
'Dead Goon', Mr Bungle
'Kuntz', Butthole Surfers
'John E. Smoke', Butthole Surfers
'Backass', Butthole Surfers
And no doubt many other songs that I'm not remembering at this moment.
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May 2014
1992 seems a bit of an arbitrary cut-off date? Is that when you reached 30? ;)
No; rather, that's when I was born. Plus, forum rules here only allow for the discussion of historical events up to 1991. So, nothing in 1992 or beyond.
Jun 2017
How about Qongqothwane? Miriam Makeba:

In my native village, in Johannesburg
There is a song that we always sing when a young girl gets married
It's called The Click Song by the English
Because they can't say ngqothwane

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Mar 2012
"Tutti Frutti," Little Richard
"Good Golly, Miss Molly," Little Richard
"Long, Tall, Sally," Little Richard
"Lucille," Little Richard
"Keep A-Knockin'," Little Richard

Hon. Mention:
"Rip It Up," Little Richard