Your Favourite Biome/Landscape

Sep 2012
I'm interested in Natural History and I'm going to be studying Conservation and Wildlife Management later this year, and something I always ask people is what their favourite biome/landscape or habitat type is. You can give more than one answer.

My favourite is deciduous woodland. I spend a lot of time in woods and they are comfortable to me. I'm chiefly interested in the history of woodlands in Britain and I like to imagine if I were a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer in the new Pine/Birch woods of the Scottish Highlands just as the climate is starting to warm. That is my favourite period of prehistory. My favourite woodland is the Caledonian Pine Forest of Abernethy.

My second favourite biome or landscape type would have to be mountains and moorland. More and more I find geology and the physiography of uplands interesting. Reading about the formation of Glencoe, for example, is fascinating. There is nothing more evocative of the scale of nature than rugged mountains.

It's hard to pick a third, but I'd probably say fresh water lochs...

What are your choices?


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Mar 2013
Forested canyons a thousand feet below timberline with stream/river is my favorite, air is very clear and fresh while a perfect temperature can be found through the day as Sun moves across canyon.

Probably Mediterranean climate near coast is next. Sun everyday but still showers and green plants.

Open woodland mixed meadow is also very relaxing, usually such scenery is artificial it still pleasant and common in many northern Asian countries.

Alpine lakes and moss meadows are also interesting.

Finally rough coastal zones with mixed beaches and cliffs.
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May 2013
The mountains, sea and woodlands always get a lot of attention. But IMHO, there is nothing that compares with the Great Plains. Pictured are the Pawnee Buttes on the Great Plains, Colorado. As isolated as it looks, most of the Great Plains have been lost to development.

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Jun 2012
Tropical Rainforests, I love, the green hell, not a easy life but i love.
Other cool biome landscapes are the [ame=""]Tepui[/ame], look like another planet very diferent and very interesting.
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May 2012
On the move again.
Tropical forests are indeed amazing, so are tropical mountain forests, having lived most of my life in the desert there is nothing more beautiful than seen all the green plants close together.


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Oct 2009
I spent a lot of my childhood on the Atlantic coast of Maryland. Marshy grounds not far from the beach have always fascinated me. Don't think I'd want to go sloshing through one though.

South American rainforests, and the forests of the Pacific Northwest are beautiful to me also.


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Mar 2011
Since most of us will likely not get to visit most of biomes throughout the world, I created this color-coded Google Map of Terrestrial Biomes that enable you to zoom in close on the different classifications of biomes and also provide a KML file that you can walk in Google Earth 3D.

Google map

Google Earth


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia

This particularly. Logarska valley and other similar landscapes. The areas around the Alps are beautiful.