Your favourite comedy sketches

Feb 2011
Two Ronnies- Fork Handles, Opening and closing jokes, The man wanting to insure against becoming Jewish, Mastermind answering questions asked two questions earlier!

Morecombe and Wise- Making breakfast, all the Plays, Andre Previn, Des o Connor sketches, 'There is Nothing like a Dame'.

Not the Nine O Clock News - Gerald the Wild Gorilla.

Spike Milligan's Q1/2/3/4/5/ etc- all off the wall!

Marx Brothers in Duck Soup- more a series of sketches than anything else, especially the 'mirror' scene and 'getting into the house' as well as the radio that refused to turn off!

Laurel and Hardy- The earlier Shorts! (not the films, which were not so funny).


Ad Honoris
May 2011
Navan, Ireland
Used this in a religion class on Capital punishment -- we did all the ways you can be executed around the world then I ask the class if they want towatch a previously banned clip of a stoning