Your Favourite Historians?


Ad Honoris
Feb 2011
Perambulating in St James' Park
Kershaw re-wrote one of his books because the publishers thought it was too big, I have a kindle but I imagine lugging about half of the Amazon in book pages is enough to put potential readers off. It could probably make a deadly weapon if you chucked it at someone too.

This also raises another question. If, like Kershaw, an historian is particularly thorough in their research, then what else is there left to do? Doesn't it make any further work into the general history of Nazi Germany somewhat superfluous? If another general history were to be published the only original work would be the pretty front cover.

How many years would one have to wait before writing another book covering the same topic? The danger of being so exhaustive is that it leaves no room for anyone else, who could better Kershaw's work when he's covered and researched all much? The only thing left to write would be the lesser known and obscure activities like 'how climate impacted the course of war'.